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'Ori Tahiti Nui Competitions

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Tumata Robinson and Manouche Lehartel presents

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Event history

In 2012 Tumata ROBINSON and Manouche LEHARTEL created the ‘ORI TAHITI NUI COMPETITIONS

The purpose of the association is to preserve, develop, and promote our Polynesian culture in all its forms, in particular dance, music and crafts throughout the world and in Tahiti and her islands.  The association also works towards other forms of organization, collaboration or participation in activities or occasions that includes choreography, music, handmade crafts or in general other folkloric events  that would be of tourist and/or cultural interest.


This Tahitian dance competition,’ori Tahiti, is open to dancers of all nationalities, presenting themselves individually or as part of Tahitian dance companies/schools in Tahiti or outside of French Polynesia has had growing effects on our local economy.

‘Ori Tahiti Nui Solo Competition 2022 : 377 solo dancers of both sexes and various nationalities competed in 136 rounds of live percussion from the Tahiti Ora orchestra led by Kamaho’i Tuia. Kohai Batani Gournac by Tamariki Poerani; Teruria Taimana, Conservatoire gold medalist; Karl Brillant, international judge and Mevina Liufau, from Tavake Rereata Japan made up the jury for the ‘Ori Tahiti Nui Solo & Duo Competitions.

‘Ori Tahiti Nui Mehura Competition 2022 : 120 dancers in 24 groups presented an original choreography to a song chosen from the Tahitian variety repertoire and pre-recorded.

‘Ori Tahiti Nui ‘Ote’a Competition 2022 : 135 dancers in 27 groups presented original choreography on traditional percussion or original pre-recorded creations

‘Ori Tahiti Nui Duo Competition 2022 usually programmed with the Mehura & ‘Ote’a took place during the Adult or ‘Arioi soloist competition. 5 couples so 10 artists performed.

Attendance at the 2022 event : 

Local audience: 385 fenua artists in competition; 2000 spectators during the 5 sessions, i.e. the full capacity of the 400 seats available in the Endeavor room; 300 diners and 250 non-diners at the Arioi & World Championship Gala evening.


Foreign audiences: 300 paid internet connections for the streaming of the Mehura & ‘Ote’a Competitions, more than 7,000 free connections for the streaming of the World Championship. The participation of competitors from abroad in 2022 is remarkable with 286 foreign competitors in all disciplines and 118 accompanying people. There were therefore 404 foreigners who traveled to Tahiti for a minimum stay of 1 week, some also participating in the course dedicated to foreigners at the Conservatory or at the Hura Tapairu of Te Fare Tauhiti Nui – La maison de la Culture.

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